Hearts Afire Deer Rescue and Rehab -   

Helping care for a deer with prosthetic limbs and a baby racoon.

Larry Fleming Photography

In memory of my childhood dog, Sasha, who taught me about the powerful bond that humans and animals share.    


(Concern for Helping Animals in Israel)


It is important to remember that wild animals are not props! I have been fortunate enough to have had a career in veterinary medicine and wild animal research that has allowed me the opportunity to work with amazing animals and their care takers. As I have grown in my understanding of welfare and infectious disease, I would not recommend interacting with wild animals in captivity without appropriate personal protective equipment, and would encourage you to never interact with, but rather observe, wild animals in their natural environment, for both their safety and your own. 

Faux Paws

CARE: Center for Animal Research & Education)


For your wedding, portrait, senior photo and event photography needs. 

Say hello to "Addy", the newest addition to the Faux Paws family!

Thanks to our many friends of Faux Paws: 

What has Zoe been doing? 

Click here to read Zoe's mention in the CARE News Volume I, Issue III, November 2006.


(East Lake Pet Orphanage)