Click here to read Zoe's interview in the United States Humane Society newsletter.

Click here to read "Teen Entre-Purr_Neur Steps Up for Animals" from the Humane Society article. 

This article (shown left) is from the Allen Independent School District, "2009 State of the Schools Report". 

Humane Society Article

Meet our C.E.O. Zoe

Hi, I'm Zoe!  I am currently 22 years old and started Faux Paws when I was 11 (back in 2006).  I have always been passionate about animal advocacy. 

I am a recent graduate of Tulane University with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  I plan to attend veterinary school. 

Faux Paws originated from the idea that it is a faux pas to wear fur.  That is why all of my products are made with faux fur.  All of the proceeds are donated to organizations that support the welfare of animals!

Take a stand for animals and buy a pair today! 

‚ÄčFaux Paws


Link to the full report containing the Faux Paws article shown on left:

2009 State of the Schools Report (pdf).