Find out how Faux Paws supports various animal welfare organizations!

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"What a great way to take a stand for animals!"

Lisa A. - Plano, TX

Leopard Print - black

Zebra Stripe - white

"I love these 'purr-fect' shoes so much that I bought them for all the ladies in my family.  What a great way to support a worthy cause and make a fashion statement at the same time!"

Diana E. - Murphy, TX

Faux Paws are delicious!

Luna S.A.- Boston, MA

Fun, Cute & Stylish

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"Faux Paws are so comfy, and the best part  about these shoes is knowing that because of Zoe, some animal somewhere is getting a special kind of treat!  That's the best feeling I've ever gotten from a pair of shoes, and that's saying something, because I'm a card carrying member of S.A. (Shoes Anonymous)."

Nancy C. - Dallas, TX

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Faux Paws

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Zebra Stripe - black

"Fun and comfortable for home & play."

Evelyn D. - Plano, TX

Flip Flops that take a stand for animals!

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